A downloadable Baldi v1.3.2 Decompile for Windows

This Decompile Mod was Made by BlakeDude7 a.k.a. Max Maaxim. (Me)
This Original Game was Made by Mystman12 from Basically Studio.

If you think you can play this game, go ahead and test it if it's good
i'll update it later soon...

                            - Your Sweet Lit Boy, Blake Dowskie. ^w^

P.S. Subscribe To Mystman12.

Play Tester


- HelloDatBurp

CategoryGame mod
Tags3D, Horror, Unity

Install instructions

Step 1. Click Download

Step 2. Wait If It's Done

Step 3. Extract The Files

Final Step. Play and Test It! ;)


BaldisBasicsbutItsaPeacefulDecompile.zip 42 MB

Development log


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this is baldi v1.4.5

I know but LuisRandomness Trashed That In GameBanana so I decided to change the title and add screenshots.


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Outside is New and Big

Of Course It Is, Also I got the "Here School" Sign Texture from SFM One

Srsly Play My Game! T_T

Ok! I will Play Mod and i get Normal and Secret Ending!

Then Record It at YouTube Right?

I don't have Youtube